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Thank you for your interest in Everyone's Favorite Zombie Pup
Poe The Goodbye Puppy!
We're eagerly want to hear from you! 
Join the Team and Spread the Word of Poe!

We at Juice of Unlife Productions are always looking for enthusiastic people to contribute to our efforts, to help widen our audience and spread the Word of Poe!  There are wide variety of ways to help out, too, even if it just wearing the Special Edition T-Shirts we are giving away to viral marketeers (see below). 

What can you do?

A blog blurb or a tweet in the right place can do wonders (and we have a variety of goodies to circulate that way).  We also have a need for any specialized skills one might be able to contribute, whether its model-making ability for  maquettes and figures, skill with flash animation and game building, experience in doing translation. Have an idea for new products, goodies, or something you want to share?  Know a friend-of-a-friend or places that might be willing and able to lend a hand?  Drop us a line

We also have a viral campaign in the works blending both online and tangible elements to promote the site and store, and need all the hands we can get.  Contact JoUP for more information about current campaigns.
Special Edition T-shirt 
Poe the Goodbye Puppy
Special Edition T-shirt

Not available in the online store!
(actual product may differ from rendering)
But just because you might not be able participate the current campaign doesn't mean you can't help out!

We have more campaigns on the way and are always open to suggestions. 

Have an idea for how to spread the word?  Comments on the campaigns past present or future?  Need materials to share on your social networks?

Once you sign up for our Viral Team you will have access to exclusive content and opportunities on the Viral Team Website.

There will be more happening as the year goes on, so stay tuned!

Want to join up? Have some ideas? Got more questions?  Contact JoUP today!

**The Viral Team List is separate from the General Mailing List on The Goodbye Puppy website.  If you wish to receive the latest updates about the Poe the Goodbye Puppy and the GP Store, please sign up for the General Mailing List via the web form provided.   You email will not be added to the Viral Team Mailing list until confirmed.

Personal information provided to Juice of Unlife Productions via the Viral Team List and General News Mailing Lists are not available to the general public and will be neither shared nor sold.  If you are experiencing trouble with GP mailing lists, please direct inquires to the listminder.


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