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October 13, 2012

And We're Back (finally)!
FWOO — It's been a hellava year here in the secret underground laboratories of JoUP, and there hasn't been a proper update from us in far too long a time. So, in the spirit getting things back on track....

MCBA SpringconOur hearty thanks to everyone who stopped by Professor H's table at MCBA Fallcon in Saint Paul, MN, last Saturday! We are planning to have a presence at MCBA Springcon, too, and will be working to go to as many events as our travel budget will allow next year.

(BTW:  if there is a local convention near you that could use a bit o' Poe,
send us a note and we will see what we can do.)

Are you be going to an event or fan convention?
Wear your favorite Poe-gear and show your support for JoUP  & the Goodbye Puppy — and keep an eye peeled for the Pup!  You never know when he might show up!

~ Featured Subjects:  In Time for the Holidays!~

The holiday season is almost upon us all...
It's hard to believe that it's getting to be that time of year already, with the seasons changing fast — but Poe the Goodbye Puppy's Unlife Gear is ready to greet it...

By which I mean GREETING CARDS!

After receiving a good, positive response to the exclusive Prototype Limited Edition Prints at Fallcon, we have put the finishing touches on the set for Valentine's Day, Christmas and the Mad Scientist's favorite, Halloween, featuring the Pup of the Apocalypse (and Polly-ann) expressing the sprit of each season.

Bring a Touch of Unlife to your Holiday Cheer, customized with your own preprinted messages or blank for handwritten greetings.  Available singly or in bulk packs for maximum savings!

The Real Zombie Hero is Back!

The fans have spoken, so our battle-ready Pup has become G.I. Poe-ster!  Available in a range of media and sizes from 11x14.25" (28x36cm) to a HUGE 40x52" (102x132cm), the Apocalyptic Hero will fit your space, large or small — even order it framed!

With over 80 frames to choose from — plastic, wood and metal, in a variety of colors and styles — you are certain to find one that suits your room and personal Unlife decor! See the Unlife Gear shop for details and pricing.

Is there something you want to see in the Goodbye Puppy Shops?
Want a Bit o'the Pup on the shelves of a favorite local collectibles store?
Drop us a Line!  We would love to hear from you!

Improve Your UnLife with Style!

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